Lucrece Physicians’Aesthetic Research, (L.P.A.R.)

Why did Cosmetic Enhancements decide to go with L.P.A.R.??

L.P.A.R. is a scientifically tested program of skincare. With over 15 years of dedication to research, development and ensuring that the products contain the most advanced ingredients and formulas in the industry. Their commitment to continuing development of the most effective system of skin care has grown over the years, as the chemistry behind it grow to where now, peptides, and other technologies are revolutionizing our ability to treat all skin types to the degree no one would have ever thought possible. L.P.A.R. continues to develop and fine-tune these incredible technologies.

L.P.A.R. Mission is founded on and dedicated to producing and distributing professional grade, result-oriented skin care products by using naturally occurring ingredients in conjunction with the most advanced skin technology and research available.

L.P.A.R. is dedicated to your health and the environment. All products have been carefully formulated without the use of paraben preservatives. With respect to the environment packaging materials are recyclable or biodegradable. They do not test on animals, or use animal derived collagen in products.

L.P.A.R. ‘s products are result-oriented. This has been proven by the countless number of clients who have told L.P.A.R that they’ve tried every product line there is to try, but the results they see after using L.P.A.R. products are superior to anything else they’ve tried. In recent years L.P.A.R. has received a very compelling amount of praise specifically for their Anti-Aging Peptides, extraordinary amount of success stories from their Rosacea line and Professional products.

L.P.A.R. were the originators of the ‘Peptide Peel’. A professional facial treatment that actually nourishes, and enriches the skin with 20% blend of argireline, matrixyl, regu-age, eyeliss & biopeptides, and  30% Glycolic Acid, 15% Lactic Acid. It doesn’t get much better then that.
There retail product line is not allowed to be sold on line. Please contact us by phone or leave your order, and information in our contact box. For those professionals wanting to carry the Lucrece Physicians' skin care line, please leave your contact information or call 801-558-4804.

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