All About YOU

When we are at our best we cannot help but to give our best.

Kari Romney has a passion for beauty that is more than skin deep. For her it is all about helping women feel beautiful inside and out.

This passion for beauty began at a very young age as Kari found herself browsing magazines and books looking for the latest information about skin care and makeup. Her early career as a model and aerobic director only strengthened her desire to teach others about feeling beautiful from the inside out. Kari started as a nail technician educator and guest speaker at beauty schools to developing educational curriculum for beauty programs and appearing as a guest on various local media.

A little over five years ago Kari met Marlene Hoffman, a certified independent makeup artist and image consultant. The two women, who share the same passion for education, founded Makeover Gallery International (, a company dedicated to “personal and professional image education and inspiration.” Their latest—and perhaps greatest—endeavor is Co-owner and Formulator for Naked Minerals (, the first mineral makeup line certified for purity.

Kari is also big into community service. She recently worked for Divabetics (, a nonprofit organization that “provides free education, empowerment and encouragement for women at risk, affected by and living with diabetes to stay healthy and upbeat about their daily self-care.” Kari and Marlene traveled with Divabetics performing makeovers on women with diabetes. She loved every moment of the experience and was in her element helping women feel and look their best no matter their life experience.

Kari continues to work extensively within the beauty industry allowing her to stay up to date with the latest information and resources. Among her credentials she is a Licensed Master Esthetician, Certified Make up Artist, National Educator for Skin and Make up, and Certified Member of Associated Skin Care Professionals since 1999. Her long list of other certifications, and her professional experience is as impressive as her strong desire to make the world a better place, one beautiful woman at a time. For Kari, it all comes down to education:

Knowledge is power. In order to make the best choices you need the best information. Healthier skin means a healthier you. Using proper skin care and healthy makeup is a great start to ensuring beauty inside and out. It’s not about vanity; it’s about confidence. --Kari